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Posting on

  1. Register with
  2. Pick your State and City.
  3. Click onto Post Ad.
  4. Click onto Category where you want to post in.
  5. Click into the subcategory that suits you the best.
  6. Enter the Title of your add
  7. Enter the description  of your ad
  8. Upload image if required and fill in the rest of the form.
  9. If you wish for a better and quicker response to your add, you can upgrade to a Gallery Ad, Top Ad or one of our Banner Ads. For Banner Ads you will need to contact lookclassifieds on  CLOAKING   for our Banner Plans and charges. They are most reasonable.
  10. When you have finished entering all your details press "SUBMIT". The next page will ask you if you wish to pay for upgraded ad or just a free ad. Press the appropriate button and you are done. here you may EDIT your ad if you wish before posting your add on
  11. It may take some time before your add is seen online some times its instant. Say anything up to 2 hours. Just keep on checking. If your add is not posted say within 24 hours please contact lookclassifieds.

Editing Your Ad

  1. To Edit your add click into "Manage My Ads" and find your add.
  2. Then go to the Action Column and click onto the pencil image where your adds is
  3. You can then change all information that needs to be edited.
  4. Where it says "Website" do not use "http or www". here you can enter a website if you wish.
  5. Press "Submit" and your ad is edited.

Editing Images

  1. To Edit your add image click into "Manage My Ads" and find your add.
  2. Then go to the Upload Images Column and click onto the Green Image with the "+" sign where your adds is.
  3. There on the page you can delete your images or upload images.

Posting Rules

  1. Please read our terms and conditions under Terms & Conditions at bottom of page
  2. Advertisement shall be placed in "2" category/sub-category only as business needs. Identical or similar adverts in more than "2" categories will not be accepted. Multiple category ads will attract a fee.
  3. We don't allow duplicate ads (multiple ads advertising the same company’s services). Please post no more than one add advertising your services. Offenders will be deleted whether they are free ads or paid adds with no refunds and will be barred from using
  4. All Ads offering financial services must have 1) valid business address 2) contact persons name 3) a valid business email address (no numeric email address)  4) a valid business landlines number 5) a valid mobile number 6) a valid website 7) must have ABN. Offenders will be deleted whether they are paid add or free adds and no fees will be refunded. No finacial/lega services accepted from overseas. Offenders will be deleted whether they are paid add or free adds and no fees will be refunded.
  5. All ads ofering jobs must be clear with there wording, stated clearly if the job is casual, part time,

    Temporary, the job description must be clear and must not be misleading, must show starting date and time, hours to be worked, the minimum pay offer, all job offers must be with in the law.

Support Contact Emails

       CLOAKING   if you need any general help with posting on

       CLOAKING  if you have any payment problems please contact us on this email



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